The Need is Local

Like most food pantries, we are experiencing challenges due to a combination of factors. This includes continued demand, tighter inventory controls that are leaving supermarkets and other retailers with less food to donate and a sharp drop in federally distributed farm surpluses. All of this adds up, yet we want to continue to provide 2 days of meals each week for 691 local individuals that include children and seniors.


The same issues causing you to watch your spending also affects someone on $773.00 fixed disability income, a senior living on $1100.00 Social Security and certainly a family living with a chronic physical or mental illness.


Just like you, the issue of higher utilities and rising cost of prescription medication also takes a toll on our clients whether it’s a working family or those with limited and no-income. And like everyone else, Open Arms Mission’s expenses continue to rise for the same reasons.


It’s not just the homeless who are hungry. As you can see, the economic squeeze on household budgets affects everyone concerned including donations.


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