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The Need is Local
Over 20 years of neighbor helping neighbor

Over the past 20 months, we and our families have experienced some surprising challenges. Open Arms has added 178 new households, each with their own story and financial challenges. To ensure the safety of our volunteers and families, we have reduced our volunteers and created drive-thru distribution. We attempt to keep our expenses down, yet the prices continue to rise. Currently, of each dollar donated:  87 cents goes directly to help the community.

What are our clients experiencing?

- Time off work while recovering or quarantining due to COVID.

- Rent increases.

- Low or fixed income individuals & families struggling with medical bills, prescriptions, utilities & other general living expenses.  

- Families or individuals struggling with disabilities.

- Families struggling with emotional and/or mental illness.

- Those facing increasing food costs.

Each donation you make, means someone is eating, able to buy their meds, keeping their electricity on, or has gas to get to work.  This year, more than ever, we need your support.

We don't simply serve food, we serve our neighbor. 

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