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Helping your neighbor during these uncertain times:
Please consider
your local food pantry

Your contribution can be used to help families struggling with health issues, loss of work and financial stress, during these uncertain times.

·        Layoff or furlough, waiting for unemployment – uncertain times

·        Imagine being a Senior on a fixed monthly income of $753., dealing with our continuing increases   in cost of living – add pharmaceutical costs…

·        Imagine being a single mom with 3 children, one in pre-school and 2 in primary grades – rent is $900. and your monthly take-home pay with your full time job is $1625. You have a car payment, car expenses, utilities along with expenses raising 3 children. No child support is available…

·        Imagine Mom earning minimum wage, Dad is hurt at his job and no income as he waits for Disability and with 4 children at home. Even though income is dramatically reduced, the bills and family expenses are not…


Open Arms Mission is a 501c3 fulfilling the need of local families and seniors.  We rely on the generosity of community donations, a few grants and the amazing time shared by weekly volunteers.  Currently, each dollar you donate, 89 cents goes directly to help the community.


We cannot do any of what we do without you.  Help us help Seniors, single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, disabled and the unemployed that make up the 346 households that visit Open Arms Mission each month, sometimes twice a month. 

Each donation you make, means someone is:  eating, able to buy their meds, keeping their electricity on, or has gas to get to work.  Thank you.  With your support of an individual donation, a tribute gift to a loved one, pay it forward, a corporate sponsorship, matching fund, planned giving or a family foundation grant, together we can make a difference in a neighbor's life


Consider these giving options

Remember a loved one
Celebrate a milestone
Honor a friend's legacy


Open Arms is a 501(c)(3) charity

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