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 Adopt a child for Christmas

"An opportunity to provide Christmas gifts for local children whose families are facing financial challenges."

In past years, we have shopped for over 200 local families, which included over 500 children.  This year, we know, a higher number are in need.  For 2020, we feel it is necessary to make changes to keep to keep our sponsors and volunteers safe.  In past years, sponsors would shop and several volunteers would spend 2 weeks receiving and organizing your drop-offs, in preparation to distribute to parents/guardians. After much discussion, here's how we will do Adopt a Child for 2020:

* Email us at info@openarmsmission.org or call Judy or Marytherese at (847) 395-0309 and let us know how many children you want to provide gifts for and we will match you up with a family that has provided us with their wish list - as in the past, the list includes the child's size for a hoodie or pajamas and 3 gift ideas.

* We are asking sponsors to then purchase Walmart gift cards based on the amount you want to spend (Walmart cards are easiest for clients because we have 2 local Walmarts).  This allows parents/guardians to shop close to home.

* You may then drop your gift cards at our office or mail them to our P.O. box and we will match your cards to your family.

* We will then mark the cards "CHRISTMAS GIFTS ONLY", place them in an envelope along with the parent/guardian's original list they provided and a letter explaining why the new procedure.

* Parents will do their own shopping.

Hope you can join us in providing Christmas 2020 to local children

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