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Over the past 10 years, thanks to the support of local schools, churches, organizations, small businesses and generous individuals like you, we have been able to collect over 50,000 pairs of socks for the Socks For The Soul project!  Now going into our 11th year we are once again looking for your support to continue our program.


Our goal is Warm Feet, Warm Hearts for everyone. Your generosity will greatly warm the hearts and the feet of your neighbors that utilize Open Arms Mission to help supplement their weekly food.


In 2009, on behalf of Open Arms Mission, the Close family initiated a campaign to provide warm socks for the neighborhood families needing a little extra assistance during the cold winter months. Thanks to your support over the past ten years we were able to collect and distribute over 69,000 pairs of socks!


Each week families throughout Antioch and Lake Villa Townships come to Open Arms Mission for assistance. One week each month, during November thru March, we distribute warm socks for each family member along with their food and milk. Our simple request of you is to donate packages of new warm socks, any size, Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Infants.


Over the years we have had some fun events, such as Sock Hops at Schools, Crazy Sock Days at Work and School and Sock Sunday at Churches. Great program for Scout Troops! If you are in a position to organize a Sock Drive or donate a package of Socks, all will help!


Please contact Judy at 847-395-0309 for more information on how you can help.

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