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“Together, we can help feed neighbors who at this time are food insecure”

Today, we find ourselves providing food while also being aware of a health and financial crisis. .

So how do we move forward to help neighbors with food and attempt to keep everyone safe and healthy. We will keep our hours and days of operation the same to avoid any confusion for our families. Beginning on Tuesday, March 17th, we began our drive thru distribution, eliminating indoor face to face contact. We are distributing more food to each household, especially those with children, in an effort to ease their food insecurities. We anticipate some changes in the amount of our food recovery from the grocery stores, therefore we will need to make more purchases. We are in regular contact with the Northern IL Food Bank, our main source for purchasing, in order to keep abreast of any of their changes.

Join us in our efforts, every $1 you give helps purchase 8 pounds of food for struggling local families and seniors.

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