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At Open Arms Mission, we don't simply serve food ...we serve people.

As a holistic community organization, our mission is to provide daily living necessaties while encouraging self-sufficiency for individuals and families in need. Our commitment is to build a healthy community - one neighbor at a time.





Thank you to all who helped provide Easter Ham Dinners for 398 local families.

Open Arms Mission is a 501(c)(3) holistic community organization providing daily living necessities
while encouraging self-sufficiency for individuals and families in need.


As we listen to the life challenges shared by clients each week, we are reminded why our local food pantry exist.

Meet Ms. F and her 2 young children.

Ms. F is currently supporting her 3 and 5 year old children on her salary earned as a Pre-School Teacher’s Aid within a neighboring school district (searching for a replacement job for the summer). She has her degree in Criminal Justice, but gave up her full time employment when she stayed home to raise her children. With a recent divorce and currently no child support, the financial struggles mount. Ms. F is doing the right things – a mortgage re-modification, application for SNAP to help feed her family, applied for Affordable Healthcare Act in order to insure herself and her children, weekly visits to Open Arms and emotional support from her extended family.

The unfortunate fact is Ms. F is not alone. I just read a statistic stating 1 in 3 American Women lives close to the brink or is actually at poverty level income (from an HBO documentary – Paycheck to paycheck).


Anyone expressing need and resides in Antioch or Lake Villa Townships is eligible for 2 days of food for each family member and can visit each week. OAM has served 12,952 individuals between the months of January and March of 2014 (13 week period). With current cost of living, our families/individuals face some challenging decisions. Consider the possibility of no-income, small fixed income or sporadic part time income. The items we provide at no cost are there to ensure that at least 2 day’s worth of food reduces the food insecurity challenge some of our local families face.


OAM is your community Food Pantry and Outreach serving neighbors residing in Antioch and Lake Villa Townships. The successful combination of volunteers and donations of community individuals, businesses, churches, clubs, organizations and schools helps us meet the needs of our neighbors challenged by stressful life circumstances. We are a 501 (c)(3) with a Board of Directors. Our main focus is weekly distribution of food, milk, meat and daily necessities. Our community lives the philosophy “neighbor helping neighbor.” Throughout the year we have special programs for the community – Weekend Back Packs of food for food insecure students - School Supplies – delivery for Seniors – Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Meal Boxes - Adopt-A-Family for Christmas gifts.


1548 S Main St. Antioch 847- 395 - 0309

from Antioch - South of RT 173 on RT 83
from Lake Villa - North of Grass Lake Rd on RT 83


Most important, keep our families in your thoughts and prayers and do not judge their situation or their decisions - a quote from Mother Teresa, “I do not judge anyone… it doesn’t allow me to love them.” We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to assist our neighbors struggling with life. Over the past few years we have experienced families using the food pantry that in the past were donors, we never know what path life has for us.

- If you want to volunteer, call 847-395-0309 or email info@openarmsmission.org.

- If you have the means to donate, cash donations go far – we purchase in volume giving us better prices then you might be able to find. We can purchase 8 pounds of food for a $1.00.

- DOES YOUR COMPANY MATCH DONATIONS? If they do, you can double and sometimes triple your original donation.

- Or maybe your company has a grant specifically for food, household items or family counseling – please let us know.

You can donate here online or you can mail a check to Open Arms Mission, P.O. Box 79, Antioch, Il 60002.

When shopping at ALDI, Jewel, Piggly Wiggly or Walmart – thank them for the food they donate to Open Arms Mission.

Stop in and see us at 1548 S. Main St in Antioch, Open Arms Mission is your community food pantry.

Remember...every $1 given to Open Arms Mission can purchase 8 pounds of food.

You can donate online or by sending a check to Open Arms Mission, P.O. Box 79, Antioch, IL 60002.

Thank you. Your continued support is the success of our programs.